Priyanka’s shocking decision for Mogudu Santhosh.. Every man should have a wife like you..!!

Global Star Priyanka Chopra This name needs no special introduction. This Bollywood beauty who has gained millions of fans by acting in her own style and doing photoshoots, has earned a name as a present global star. We know that Priyanka Chopra fell in love with and married Nick Jonas who was 10 years younger than her. At that time their marriage became a trend as a hot topic. Actually, a gap of one or two years is considered common, but marrying a younger boy with a gap of ten years was a sensation at that time.

However, both of them continued their married life happily regardless of such comments. Recently, Priyanka Chopra became the mother of a baby through a surrogacy process. Recently, Priyanka Chopra celebrated Nick Jonas’ birthday in a grand way. It is known that the seller has spent around 15 crores for this. Spending 15 crores for just 10 hours of happiness is shocking. Moreover, some people are commenting that this beauty is crazy. But Priyanka Chopra says “15 crores is not much for me before her husband’s happiness”.

Priyanka Chopra has planned a big surprise for Nick Jonas on his birthday. She booked a private jet for her husband’s birthday and celebrated his birthday in the sky. Nick Jonas does not know this. He boarded the flight at the last minute and was shocked to see Priyanka’s shocking surprise. He shared this surprise video on social media. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas names have become viral on social media.

But even in these happy moments, this couple is being trolled on social media. “If Priyanka Chopra steps into her forties, Nick Jonas is still in his 30s, who wouldn’t have this luck, Priyanka,” she is indirectly commenting vulgarly. As a result, Priyanka Chopra’s name has become viral in the international media as a heroine who is being trolled for spending crores.



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