Priyamani is Venkatesh Gokada..? Is that why you made such a big fuss..?

After social media became available.. some brats are digging up old quarrels that happened sometime. In this order, some brats are trolling by digging up the fight between Priyamani and Hero Venkatesh. Priyamani, who gained fame as a star heroine, acted in Venkatesh’s movie Narappa. This movie was released in OTT and got super hit talk.

Moreover, this movie has become a favorite of many people. The director has been super successful in showing reality as it is. Moreover, the news of Priyamani and Venkatesh Gokadu also went viral during the making of this film. The news went viral saying that there was a fight between Priyamani and Venkatesh during the making of this film. In this order, some mobsters have also created rumors that Priyamani is Venkatesh’s gokadu.

But then it became clear that it was all fake. While making this film, Priyamani teased Venkatesh’s alias Suresh Babu. “You are hotter than your son Rana,” she commented madly. With this, Venkatesh slipped his tongue on her and reacted harshly. There was a fight between the two of them, but Daggubati fans clarified that Venkatesh did not touch Priyamani. In this order, once again the same news is trending by some idle brats. While present Venkatesh is pushing with opportunities in the industry in his own style.. Priyamani is impressing with web series in many movies..!!

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