Premayanam with the star hero’s younger brother.

Kamna Jathmalani has been a long time since I heard this name. In recent times, there are no people who care much about this name. This actress, who once played comedy roles, vulgar roles with her style and acting equally with her beauty, currently lives away from the film industry. Kamna Jathmalani, who made her film debut in 2005 with the movie “Premikulu” in Telugu, did not make much impression after doing two films.

Kamna Jathmalani gained recognition through the movie “Ranam” starring Gopichand as the hero. Everyone remembers the name of Kamna Jathmalani from that movie. Later, she acted in many films and cultivated comedy in her own style in comedy roles. Born in Mumbai, Kamna Jathmalani’s mother was a fashion designer and she took steps towards modeling and then slowly entered the film industry.

But there were reports that she fell in love with his younger brother, who is famous as a comedy hero, while doing films in the film industry. Surprisingly, his younger brother also got recognition in his own style by playing minor roles in the film industry. Veera’s love affair went well for a while.. and then it went bad. The comedy hero had to get new looks for the growing trend of the changing times. At that time, the news went viral saying that Kamna Jathmalani left the film industry saying that she was cheated.

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