Prathinidhi-2 Movie | The shooting of Nara Rohit’s Rep. 2 has started.. the release date has also been locked..!

Nara Rohit Years have passed since Nara Rohit’s film. His name did not register much in the public despite his content oriented films like Solo, Pratya, Rowdy Fallow and Asura. Not focusing much on the physique, he failed to plan his career properly. Finally, he appeared in Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu, which came out less than five years ago. After that the camera did not come forward again. But Nara Rohit is making a re-entry after all these years. He is coming up with a sequel to the movie Pradhi, which made him a hero less than nine years ago. The recently released concept poster of the film has received an overwhelming response. TV-5 senior journalist Murthy is going to direct this movie.

The shooting of this movie has recently started. The movie started with the 60th scene of the script. Inside talk is that this film is being made in view of the upcoming elections. Moreover, it has been announced that the shooting will be completed as soon as possible and the film will be released on January 25, a day earlier on the occasion of Republic Day. And the representative is one of the most underrated movies. This film, which was made in the political background, was not very successful commercially, but it created a sensation on the big screen. As Nara Rohit is making an entry with the sequel of the movie, the expectations are high among the audience. If there is a sequel in the range of the first part, the movie is sure to become a blockbuster.

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