Prakash Raj | Is Modi my uncle? Why do I hate it..! Sensational comments of Prakash Raj..!

Prakash Raj | There is no need to tell about movie star Prakash Raj. From Tollywood to Bollywood, he is hooked on his performance in films. Apart from movies, they are also in the news by responding to political issues. Recently, sensational comments have been made once again. He made key comments that three parties are ready to field him as a candidate in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He said that these political parties are not behind him with their ideologies.. They keep criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.. He said that he does not want to fall into that trap.

Prakashraj participated in the Kerala Literature Festival (KLF). He made these comments on this occasion. ‘Now elections are coming. Three parties are chasing me. I switched the phone so as not to fall into that trap. Those parties are not coming for people.. for my ideology. Today political parties have lost their voice. That is why they are facing a lot of difficulties in finding candidates’ he said. Also saying ‘I don’t hate Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Is he my uncle or is there any property problem? I am a tax payer.

We are paying him for his work. Currently the work is not being done properly. He clarified that I am telling him to work properly. He responded to posts criticizing the government on Twitter. Not my voice.. People’s voice. This is not my ‘mann ki baat’.. said our ‘mann ki baat’. He said that there is a need to question the person in power.

Even though he did not vote for him, he still said that Modi is the prime minister. They said that this is democracy.. They cannot say that they did not vote. He said that whoever comes as the Prime Minister later, he will also question him. He said he will see changes in his tweets. He said, ‘If Prime Minister Modi leaves, I will talk about him’.

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