Prabhas who is a horse on Rajamouli.. is it so bad darling..!?

Oh my God.. I have heard a saying.. “If Mogudu dies and his wife is crying.. another one comes and asks for something else”. But people are trolling Rajamouli in the same range as they are praising him. What is the reason for that? Why did RRRK get the Oscar award ..? Why didn’t Rajamouli come to the films that he had made earlier..?

There are many biggest blockbusters like Student Number One, Magadheera, Baahubali. But now people are trending a new debate on the social media platform saying how did the Oscar award that did not come to them only come to RRR. In this order, rebel fans are also obsessed with Rajamouli. The reason for that is that you kept the hero Prabhas in your pocket for almost six years saying Baahubali part one.. part two.. why couldn’t you get an Oscar award for such a movie..? When you love everything about the Oscar award, you might have tried for Baahubali for the Oscar, right? Rebel fans are asking directly.


In this sequence, Prabhas is also showing impatience with Rajamouli. It is a dream for any hero to receive an Oscar award..even for Prabhas.. if Baahubali gets an Oscar award, Prabhas’s name would have changed to a greater extent.. Prabhas’ wish would have been fulfilled. But why Rajamouli could not target Oscar for Baahubali movie. On the one hand, Ararar is happy about getting the Oscar, but on the other hand, they feel that they would have been more happy if they got Baahubali.

That’s why a news goes viral saying that Prabhas only congratulated Rajamouli and clapped his hands. Not only Prabhas, but many people in the industry are hearing this doubt. Why did RRRK try for Oscar award? Rajamouli has made many films before RRR. And what is the situation of them, why didn’t they try for Oscar? Now it is interesting.

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