Prabhas Prabhas, who targeted Sankranti.. will this time come together?

Prabhas-Maruthi Movie | Prabhas is currently busy with a series of Pan India films. No one knows when he will appear in any shooting. Prabhas already has a lot of movies in his lineup. It is not clear when they will be completed. At present, Prabhas is the only hero who has lined up more Pan India projects in India. Prabhas has more than half a dozen movies in his hands. One of them is a horror drama under the direction of Maruthi.

Currently, the shooting of this film is going on at a fast pace. The second schedule has also been completed recently. This movie will be shot in low profile without any noise. Meanwhile, a news related to this movie will go viral. The makers are planning to release this movie as a Sankranti gift next year. The film crew is thinking to complete the shooting as soon as possible and speed up the post-production work. However, Prabhas starrer ‘Adipurush’ has also been announced to be released on the first Sankranti. But due to the mixed response to the teaser, the film was postponed for 6 months to focus more on the VFX.

Doubts are being expressed whether the same will happen in the case of Raja Deluxe. Because there is a lot of CG work in this movie too. Even a quarter of the shooting has not been completed till now. With that, if Sankranti is set as a target, the work will have to be accelerated. In this order, not much time can be allocated for CG work. Prabhas’ fans express that if CG does poorly, it will have to be improved again. Late or late but fans want the film team to come with a good output.

The title ‘Raja Deluxe’ is under consideration for this movie which is being made in the background of horror comedy. This film will be made with the story of grandfather and grandsons who roam around Raja Deluxe theater. Malvika Mohan, Nidhi Aggarwal and Riddhi Kumar are acting opposite Prabhas in this movie. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is playing a key role. Music by Thaman is produced by People Media Factory and UV Creations jointly.

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