Prabhas : Prabhas who is facing bitter experiences at every step… I think they are the ones who are sinking vertically…!

Prabhas: It must be said that Prabhas is facing a lot of bitter experiences at present. Prabhas, who is known as a rebel in the Telugu film industry, has earned a good name by acting in many films. After that, he acted in Baahubali and became a Pan India level starter. With this, Prabhas’s name became popular. Due to this, expectations on Prabhas have increased hugely. But Saaho which came after Baahubali was a flop. And now Prabhas is continuing with a good craze in Bollywood as well.

But since Prabhas entered Bollywood, it seems that bitter memories are being heard a lot. The trailer of Prabhas’ recent movie Aadi Purush has been released and is being trolled. The characters in this trailer are all very different and people are doing trolling very well. However, with the recent release of Hanuman teaser, there is trolling in a range that the trailer of this movie is much better than that of Aadi Purush. It is known that there are trolls coming in the graphics of Aadi Purush movie.

Prabhas is facing bitter experiences at every step

Meanwhile, the teaser of the movie Hanuman starring Tollywood young hero Teja recently was released and impressed the audience tremendously. People are saying that this is the original graphics… this is how the film should be made. Today’s people are comparing the teasers of these two movies. Teja starrer Hanuman teaser is said to have 1000 rates better graphics than Prabhas starrer Aadi Purush. With this, Tollywood star heroes are also promoting the Hanuman teaser in a range.

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