Prabhas is emotional about what Anushka did after Krishnam Raju’s death..Is this what love means darling..?

Prabhas heroine Anushka’s love affair is a rumor that is becoming viral in the film industry. I don’t know if there is love between these two but..people say that there is love between are in don’t know that..they are requesting you to get married. We have been hearing this for the past few years. Prabhas Anushka’s behavior seems to be fueling it.

We know that Tollywood senior hero Krishnam Raju passed away recently. The film industry is in mourning with the news of this tragic death. The politicians who worked with him and the hero heroines who acted together are unable to digest his death. Most importantly, Prabhas cannot bear Pedananna’s death. Now Prabhas has grown up with the death of Krishnam Raju, who was the biggest of the family.

Meanwhile, Anushka has been taking care of Krishna Raju since his health condition is not good. The video related to this has also gone viral on social media. However, there are reports in the media that Prabhas became very emotional about Anushka’s work after Krishna Raju’s death. Since the death of Krishna Raju, Anushka has been keeping close to their grandmother Shyama Devi and bringing her mind to a stable condition.

Moreover, Anushka moves very close with Prabhas’ sister. With this, Anushka Shyama Devi’s appearance as Prabhas’s wife without getting married has become a sensation. Not only that, Rebel fans are showing this and commenting that this is Premantaru darling..You two should get married. With this, Anushka Prabhas’ love affair has once again become viral on social media.

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