Prabhas Another movie in Prabhas line-up.. When will you finish all these Basoo..!

Prabhas-Siddharth Anand Movie | Another movie has joined Prabhas’ line-up. Darling, who is already busy with a handful of projects, has recently given a green signal to another film. Prabhas took five years for ‘Baahubali’, then two years for ‘Saaho’ and three years for ‘Radheshyam’. Prabhas fans are deeply disappointed as he has been allotted for one film year after year. If they were a hit, fans would be happy. There are those who say that he is coming out with good movies even if he takes his time.

But the two films that came after ‘Baahubali’ turned out to be disasters. On the one hand, the darling fans are deeply disappointed as their favorite hero films do not come, and if they do, they turn out to be a bit of a disaster. In this order, Prabhas is taking films to the sets one after the other as per the wishes of the fans. Currently, Prabhas has four films in his hands. Recently, there was an official announcement that Prabhas has given the green signal for another film.

Recently, the head of Mythri Movie Makers, Naveen Yerneni, announced that he is doing a film with Prabhas. Naveen, who recently came as a guest on the Unstoppable talk show, revealed that he is doing a movie with the Prabhas-Siddharth Anand combo. He said that after the completion of Prabhas’s current films, this project will be taken up. Prabhas fans are happy with that. Currently, ‘Pathan’ directed by Siddharth Anand is ready for release. Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone are playing the lead roles in this movie, and John Abraham is playing the role of the antagonist.

Prabhas starrer ‘Aadipurush’ shooting is now completed. Only post-production is pending. The makers have also clarified that the film will be released in June. And ‘Salar’ has already almost completed its shooting. Talk that only the last schedule is left. It is also informed that it will be completed by next month. After that, she engages in post-production work. Chitraunit announced last year that this movie will be released in September.

The ‘Project-K’ movie which is being made as a pan world movie is currently shooting at a fast pace. This movie will release in the first half of next year. After completing these films, Prabhas will be shooting ‘Spirit’ with Sandeep Vanga. Currently Sandeep is busy with Animal. The film, starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role, will hit the screens on August 11. After this movie, Sandeep will focus on Spirit.



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