Poonam Pandey | RGV supported Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey | It is known that the news of Bollywood actress and model Poonam Pandey’s death came on Friday. Her manager revealed to the media that she had been suffering from cervical cancer for some time and died on Friday morning. However, there is a campaign going on in social media that she is alive. While opinions were being expressed that the actress’s team had lied, a shocking message came from the actress’s Instagram. Poonam shared a video saying ‘I am not dead.. I am still alive’. In that video, she explained why she had to do this. But the work done by Poonam was severely criticized. Netizens are shouting at Poonam asking if someone would do this to create awareness about cancer.

However, Tollywood’s controversial director Ram Gopal Varma recently responded to this controversy. The method chosen by Poonam Pandey to draw attention to cervical cancer may be incomprehensible to some people along with criticism. But, no one can question Poonam’s motive. Cervical cancer is now being discussed across the country. All this happened because of Poonam. Ram Gopal Varma showered praises on Poonam saying that he wishes you to live happily for many years.

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