Pooja Hegde: Beauty basket doll that will not be spilled in the special song again .. in any movie ..

Pooja Hegde: Beauty star Pooja Hegde has opened up to the latest culture by appearing in a special song while she continues to be a star heroine. At the peak of her career as a heroine, Jigel was the queen of theatrical cinema. Beauty captivated the youth with her beauty in this special song. There is no doubt that this song also played an important role in the success of this film. It is a known fact that almost every film starring this salesman has received success since then.

Even in such a craze, Pooja impressed Beauty by performing a special song once again in the movie ‘F3’. Mesmerized once again in the song ‘Life’ means so much ‘. Meanwhile it seems that this little one will be starring in the item song once again. However, this time the information is that he will act in Hindi instead of Telugu. It is known that the movie ‘Animal’ directed by Sandeep Vanga is about to release. The film unit is reportedly interested in taking pooja in the upcoming special song of the film starring Ranbir Kapoor as the hero. News is coming that Pooja has also said OK to this. We will have to wait for the official announcement to know how true this news is.

Meanwhile, there is also an interesting campaign going on regarding the story of this film. News is going viral that Sandeep has written the story of this movie with an innovative story of what it would be like if man turned into an animal. The film also stars National Crush Rashmika Mandanna opposite Ranbir. We have to see what kind of wonders Sandeep, who has received sensational success in both Tollywood and Bollywood with Arjun Reddy, will create with this film.

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