Ponnambalam | My own brother did a poison experiment on me.. The actor who made sensational comments

Tamil Actor Ponnambalam | Tamil actor Ponnambalam entered the Telugu cinema with the movie ‘Gharana Mogudu’ which came out twenty years ago. Even after appearing in this movie for a while, the fighting done in the ring with Chiru brought a good craze to Ponnambalam. After that, he became busy as a antagonist in Telugu consecutively. Ponnambalam, who started his career as a stuntman, turned into an actor with the Tamil film Kaliyugam. Ponnambalam, who appeared in ten films a year at the beginning of his career, has now become a bit dull. Meanwhile, Ponnambalam recently revealed sensational things in an interview that his own brother wanted to kill him with poison.


Ponnambalam, who has been suffering from kidney problems for some time, recently underwent a kidney transplant. Ponnambalam recently responded to the news that his kidneys were damaged due to excessive alcohol consumption and drug use. He revealed the truth that all of them were untrue, just like his own younger brother. ‘Many people thought that their kidneys were failing due to alcohol and drug use. But nothing like that happened. His father had four wives. Although the third wife considered the son as her own younger brother and appointed him as the manager. He takes care of all my professional matters. But once he mixed slow poison in the beer I was drinking. Moreover, he used to put poisoned food. It damaged my kidneys for some time. After contacting the doctors, they said that this happened because of the poison experiment. But Ponnambalam said that it came to know that he did so recently.



Ponnambalam said that the doctors suggested a kidney transplant as his kidneys were failing, so one of his relatives donated a kidney. But at that time he said that Chiranjeevi supported him financially. Ponnambalam said that Chiranjeevi came to mind when he did not know who to ask and what to do as he did not have enough money for treatment. ‘I called Chiranjeevi and told him about his problem and asked him to help. Then Chiranjeevi assured me that I am. I thought one lakh, two lakh would help. But in another five minutes you will get a call from Apollo Hospital. He said to take the reports and get admitted. I was not even asked for entry fee in that hospital. The total bill was 40 lakhs. “Chiranjeevi took care of everything,” Chiru said.

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