Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi Review | A Twitter review of a certain boy or a certain girl has come.

Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi Twitter Review | In terms of movies, the genre that most audiences connect with is the rom-com. Love stories are in good demand here. Even if it’s a familiar story, if it’s told in a new way, it’s as if the director has tried hard. About 50 movies are released in the industry every year, more than half of them are love stories. The audience will easily connect to the love stories. With the same formula, Srinivas took a gap of almost seven years and grabbed the megaphone with the movie ‘Phalana Boy Palana Tati’. The film, starring Naga Shaurya in the lead role, was released on Friday.


Pahalana 2

From the beginning, the audience had good expectations about this movie. Moreover, the films ‘Oohalu Gusugusalade’ and ‘Jyo Achuthananda’, which were made in the combination of Velliddhari, were well received by the audience. Due to this, expectations were created on this movie. Besides that, the recently released trailer has impressed the audience immensely. Shows have already dropped in the US. Many netizens are sharing their reviews on Twitter.

Phalana 3

The movie Falana Matari Falana Boy is getting mixed reviews. Netizens are saying on Twitter that it is slow and the comedy scenes are not done properly. It is said that the director took him into the plot within ten minutes of the start of the movie, and the first ten minutes of the movie seemed very interesting. But the director could not continue the same interest till the end. Some scenes are very boring though. Many netizens are expressing the opinion that this is actually a whisper of imagination, and there is also a doubt that it is Srinivas Vasarala’s movie directed by Jyo Achuthananda.


But the chemistry between the lead pair is said to be amazing. Especially Malvika is very beautiful.. looks like the girl next door. It is said that after a long time, Malvika got a role with good weight. It is said that Nagashaurya has taken another step as an actor. Music director Kalyani Malik says that this movie has been brought to life. Even the poor scenes with her music are aha..oho. Although the story is very interesting. In fact, everyone in the industry says that Srinivas needs a good writer. Many are of the opinion that such a thing is missing in this movie.

Phalana4 But this is just a Twitter review. It will be known only after the full review of the movie. Has the seven-year wait for Srinivas’ needs paid off? Has this film given a break to Nagashaurya who is struggling with consecutive flops? We have to wait for a while to find out.

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