Pawan’s heroine did crazy work for publicity..Lip lock with dog.. still it didn’t do any good..!!

After social media became available, even the star heroines are constantly being trolled on social media by making various posts. While some for opportunities, others for publicity, the work done by Pawan’s heroine, who is fed up, will become a hot topic on social media. Beauty Kriti Karbanda acted with Pawan Kalyan in Tinmar movies.

She acted in many Telugu movies before this movie. But no movie could bring a good name for sale. At least Kriti Karbanda’s hopes of getting recognition for acting with a star hero like Pawan were disappointed. Theinmar movie became a disaster. Meanwhile, Kriti Karbanda, who appeared with Arakora opportunities after this film, has been completely away from the film industry in recent times.

Meanwhile, Kritikarbanda, who is in touch with fans on a social media platform far away from the film industry, recently posted a photo of her doing a lip lock with her dog. In this order, netizens are commenting on this photo on social media. Have you found your mind..? Is this karma..? Do they even torture dumb creatures like this for publicity..? They are angry. This use of dumb creatures for publicity has become a sensation on social media. Some people got angry and made vulgar comments saying that she fixed it with lip lock and she didn’t even do that.

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