Pawan’s film is not given finance… is it such a bad shame…!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s movie means earth shaking from top to bottom. From the start of shooting of the film till the day of release, along with the main media, the social media will be shaken. Buyers and exhibitors compete to buy Pawan’s film. There are many exhibitors who are vying for Pawan’s film to be released in our theater and giving advances of lakhs of rupees. Not to mention the distributors who want to own the rights of Pawan’s movie. Pawan’s film will start, which means that there will be no finance. Many financiers queue up.

But all this is in the past. Now the shooting of Pawan’s film will begin, which means that the original financiers are not looking at it. Currently Pawan Kalyan is acting in Harihara Veeramallu directed by Krish. After this movie, Vinodaya also gave the green signal to the remake of Seetha, a hit in Kollywood. Samudrakhani is the director of this remake. Also, the posters of Bhavdeyudu Bhagat Singh directed by Harishankar have also come out. Also, Pawan said OK for another film produced by Ram Talluri.

Pawan has many films in his hands. On the other hand, the next election in AP is only a year away. How many in the meantime? He completes films. No one is clear about the situation of the committed producers so far. When will the actual shooting of Pawan’s movie start? No one understands when it will end.. when it will be released. The actual Pawan movies are a big mess.

There is already a lot of news about the upcoming movie of Pawan Kalyan – Mythri Movie Makers combination. This project will be directed by Harishankar. But Pawan when this movie? No one understands that he will start. Financiers are also running away from Pawan’s movie. The situation is that no financiers have come forward to give money for Pawan’s film under the banner of Mythri Movies. Maithri currently has 2 films in her hands with Veera Simha Reddy, Waltheru Veeraiah, Khushi, Kalyan Ram Amigosh and Allu Arjun Pushpa.

All these are big budget movies. The producers are getting confused by adjusting the budget for these. Maitri’s difficulties are not normal as financiers did not come forward for Pawan Kalyan’s film at such a time. Financiers should come to the original Pawan movie.. But when will the movie start? When will it be released? Not knowing, financiers are running away from Pawan’s film.

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