Pawan – Sai Dharam : Pawan and Sai Dharam’s looks leaked from Vinodaya Sittam remake.. Not normal!

Pawan – Sai Dharam : Power star Pawan Kalyan and supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej are acting together in Vinodaya Sittam remake. The film is a Tamil fantasy comedy drama directed by Samudrakhani. Sai Dharam Tej is playing the role played by Thambi Ramaiah in Tamil, while Pawan is playing the role of Samudrakhani. Recently, the shooting of this movie has started grandly. He is also directing Samudrakhani in Telugu. Pawan Kalyan’s role is only a part of the film. With this, the scenes with Pawan are being completed first.

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Pawan and Sai Dharam’s looks from the sets of this movie have been leaked. Pawan Kalyan looks stylish and rough in a white dress with a different locket on the floor. Sai Dharam Tej is seen wearing a white coat over a red shirt. These photos are now going viral. When it comes to the story of this movie, Sai Dharam, who considers his family and job as his first responsibility, accidentally meets with an accident and loses his life. Then Pawan Kalyan comes to him and introduces himself as Time, saying that your time on earth is over and he wants to come with him.

But Sai Dharam asks Pawan that he has some work to do and he needs one to three months. Pawan not only gives that time but also travels with Sai Dharam for those 3 months. What happened after that is the rest of the story. But in Tamil it was made as a family drama. Now that Pawan and Sai are two mass heroes, it remains to be seen whether the story has been changed. Previously, Pawan had done this type of role in the movie Gopala Gopala. And let’s see how it will be in this movie.


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