Pawan … NTR … Sridevi This is the common point about these three stars … so lucky …!

The film industry is something that everyone has a passion for. They are also very fond of movie stars. Generally, while common people are a fan, celebrities tend to fan their fellow celebrities as well. Sometimes they name their children after their favorite celebrity to show their affection. So there are some stars in our industry who have named their children after their fellow actors.

We all know how popular name Sridevi is. Yesterday and previous generations had a good association with this name for movie fans. Sridevi was imagined as a goddess of beauty. Although the goddess of all beauty is no longer among us, some people have named their children after her. Child artist Sridevi who recently entered Tollywood as a child artist with the movie Bimbisara. Sridevi’s parents say that they named their daughter after the Sridevi of those days.

Sridevi is also the name of the third daughter of yesteryear star heroine Manjula and Vijay Kumar. Sridevi..Manjula are very good friends. Sridevi also has a good relationship with Manjula Vijay Kumar’s family. For any marriage held in their families, these two families meet closely. That’s why when Manjula gave birth to her third daughter, she named the baby Sridevi. That’s how Manjula showed her love for Sridevi.

Junior NTR:
Junior NTR is loved by many. Senior actress Radhika is very fond of Tarak. She liked it so much that she also named her son after Tarak. Recently Radhika revealed this in an interview. She expressed her admiration by saying that she likes Tarak very much and that she named her son with that name only because of her admiration for him. Telangana Chief Minister KCR named his son Taraka Rama Rao out of respect for senior NTR.

Pawan Kalyan:
There is no need to say anything special about Pawan Kalyan. Pawan has a huge fan following in both Telugu states. Mentioning his name makes the youth sit up from their sleep. But not only boys, girls also have a lot of craze for Pawan Kalyan. You may remember Sravanti Chokkarupu who participated in Bigg Boss OTT recently. She is a fan of Pawan Kalyan. That is why she named her son after Pawan Kalyan’s son Akira.


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