Pawan Kalyan | Two crores per day.. Pawan Kalyan’s remuneration as a hot topic

Pawan Kalyan Remuneration | Needless to say about Pawan Kalyan craze in Telugu states. If he appears on the screen, many fans will be swayed. The release of Pawan’s film is not all the fuss his fans make. A festive atmosphere is created with huge cutouts near the theatres. And the producers who can match his craze are ready to give any amount of remuneration to Pawan. Pawan.. There are also producers who will sign on a blank check if they agree to the film. Pawan’s recent comments on his remuneration are causing a sensation.

Recently, Pawan made key comments about his reward at Janasena’s tenth anniversary meeting. Pawan revealed in that meeting that he is not a person who hopes for money, he does not need money and will give money if needed. Today I say boldly. I have given call sheets for 22 days for the film I am doing now. The money I take for that film is two crores per day. If I work for twenty days, I will get around 45 crores. I don’t say that every film is given that much money. But, that is my average level. That’s the level you gave. The level you put in your heart. What do I need money for? Money I can’t earn? Pawan said in the Janasena assembly.

Pawan Kalyan is currently remaking Vinodaya Sittam. Directed by Samudrakhani, Mega’s nephew Saidharam Tej is playing a pivotal role in this movie. For the past few days, there have been discussions on social media about the remuneration Pawan is taking for this film. But recently Pawan has become a hot topic in the industry as he has told himself about his remuneration. Trivikram is providing dialogues for this movie which is being produced by People Media.

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