Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan says women are crazy, kasi.. Who said these words?

Pawan Kalyan; Tollywood star hero Pawan Kalyan is not to mention how much craze the people have. Pawan Kalyan is busy doing movies and politics. Currently, Pawan has four films in hand. But Pawan’s critics often make comments on his married life. Especially, many people are criticizing him about his three marriages. In this order, Pawan Kalyan’s personal life has once again been criticized. Dubai Censor Board Member, South Asian Film Critic Umair

Pawan Kalyan interest in ladies rumours

Sandhu made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan. On social media, Power Star Pawan Kalyan tweeted saying die heart womanizer. In addition to mentioning Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages, Umair shockingly tweeted that Pawan Kalyan is like that with heroines. Pawan Kalyan’s fans got angry with Umair in a range. They are angry that it is not good to criticize their favorite hero. In the past Umair also created rumors about Prabhas’ marriage. It was created that rebel star Prabhas is going to marry Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon.

All these are not true and no one believes him. Earlier he made shocking comments on Mahesh Babu too. Pawan Kalyan’s fans are playing a game on Umair with Umair’s comments on social media. They say that his word has no value and there is no need to pay attention to him. Currently, Pawan Kalyan is acting in the movie ‘Ustad Bhagat Singh’ directed by Harish Shankar. Harihara Veeramallu is also acting in the film directed by Krish.

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