Pawan Kalyan: Harish Shankar’s announcement.. No Baboy Antonna Pawan fans!

Pawan Kalyan: Any update about Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his movies are trending on social media within seconds. Fans who have been waiting for his film for so long are now shaking social media once again. Earlier, director Harish Shankar had announced that he was making a film with Pawan Kalyan, and the title ‘Bhavadiyudu Bhagatsingh’ was also fixed for the film.

Harish Shankar: Harish Shankar is going to give good news to Pawan’s fans..

But Harish Shankar said that the film was shelved due to some reasons.. Soon he is going to do another film with Pawan Kalyan. This director has also made an announcement regarding this. He posted on his Twitter account that he is going to make a big announcement regarding the upcoming film with Pawan Kalyan. But there is talk on social media that this movie is going to be a remake of Vijay starrer ‘Theri’ in Tamil. With this, Pawan’s fans are expressing their opposition on Twitter.

Harish Shankar: With Pawan’s decision, Harish is making preparations around the hero..?

They are asking on social media platform saying don’t make remake films with their favorite hero.. make films with straight Telugu stories. In this order, the hashtag ‘WeDontWantTheriRemake’ is trending on Twitter. As soon as Harish Shankar announced about the project with Pawan, this hashtag started trending and now everyone is curious about this project. And to know whether Harish Shankar is going to do a remake of Teri movie with Pawan, we have to wait for the official announcement.

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