Pawan Kalyan | Don’t worry..Pawan Kalyan assures star producer ..!

There is nothing special to be said about the bond between Tollywood senior producer AM Ratnam and star hero Pawan Kalyan. This crazy combination provided the audience with an all-time super hit blockbuster like Khushi. After that, the film also got gold in a combo of the two. Now Hari Hara Veera Mallu is getting ready to hit a hat trick with the movie. The film has been shooting for some time now, with installments upon installments.

However, the good news came out to Pawan Kalyan fans who were in a dilemma as they were discussing whether the film would be delayed due to financial and political reasons. Pawan Kalyan has assured AM Ratnam, who has a huge budget for the project, that the film will be completed soon, without any delay. Tollywood Circle Talk says that Pawan has promised to complete the shooting as soon as possible to get AM Ratnam out of the budget burden.

On the other hand, it is known that AP Chief Politician Pawan Kalyan has announced a tour plan for AP Politics. There are plans to take a bus trip from October and tour all over AP. The Army Tour Plan has a limited amount of time. Pawan Kalyan has already lined up two more films along with Harihara Veeramallu. Will Pawan Kalyan, who is busy with politics, finish his films within the deadline? Is what the cine crowd wants to see.

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