Pawan Kalyan – Balakrishna: No more pressure..! Balayya.. Pawan .. trending video in one frame.

Creating dizzying records on the silver screen.. Being in the peaks of fan following.. Pawan owns it. Dusting up with dialogues.. shaking the theater.. making everyone chant his name.. Balayya owns it. And in the records.. in the fan base.. in the craze.. in the impact that they show.. these two are going to appear on the same screen. They are going to move to entertain us. Unstoppable entertainment is going to be given to all of us.S! According to the latest info.. Power star Pawan Kalyan is coming as the chief guest for the Balayya Unstoppable show which is going to start in a few days. For that, Aha who is producing this show.. has made all the arrangements. But not only Pawan.. along with Pawan.. star director Trivikram is also coming to this show. The fun of these two star heroes will be streamed as the first episode of the second season. And now it is going viral in news and industry.. and social media.

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