Pawan acted in Aamir Khan’s hit movie…that blockbuster…!

Power star Pawan Kalyan is crazy in Tollywood. Even though Pawan has done few films in his film career of more than 25 years, the audience always jumps for Pawan’s film regardless of success. Recently, Pawan has been acting in a series of remake films, and the openings for Pawan’s films are getting crowded. Although Vakil Saab and Bhimla Nayak were remakes of both movies, Pawan acted in them, so they both became blockbuster hits in Telugu. It is not necessary that Pawan’s movie is hitta flopa.. Pawan is on the screen which means that many crores of people will watch that movie.

Pawan’s appearance in Kollywood’s remake of Vinodaya Seetham starring Pawan with Saidharam Tej is very short. But all the business of this film is about Pawan. This movie is doing business in crores. These things alone tell the kind of Pawan craze. And Pawan is Bollywood’s Mr. Perfect. Acted in a movie starring Aamir Khan. Very few people know about this. In 1999, Pawan acted in the movie Tammudu directed by PA Arun Prasad.

Pawan Kalyan – Preity Jingania starrer in this movie also has Atithi Govitrikar in lead role. Chandramohan and Mallikarjun Brahmanandam acted in pivotal roles. Produced by Boorugpalli Sivaramakrishna, Ramana Gogula’s music and Chintapalli Ramana’s words are the highlights of this movie. The songs in the movie Tammudu are very new even if you listen to them now. This movie gave a good kick to the youth in terms of style in those days. Pawan Kalyan’s movie brother laid a solid foundation for his unstoppable craze among the youth.

But the original version of this movie is Aamir Khan starrer Jojita Wahi Sikander. But cycling will be the main subject in Aamir Khan’s film. Kickboxing was chosen as the subject here with the intention of not connecting with the bicycle audience in Telugu. Pawan Kalyan gave an amazing performance in kick boxing. The fight at the climax however, whistles continuously. In the final, Subbu defeats Rohit in a kick boxing competition and wins everyone’s hearts.

Pawan Kalyan’s action scenes in this movie became a big trend setter at that time. In this, Pawan has realistically shown fights like placing a heavy stone slab on the heart and breaking it with a hammer, breaking pots filled with water with his feet, breaking a coconut with his hands, and driving cars on his fingers. Since then, Pawan has got a good craze among the youth.

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