Pavala Syamala: Sorry Syamala.. why did you do this..? A character artist in the midst of adversity

Pawala Shyamala…Telugu film fans burst into laughter when they hear this name. She is a character artist who has acted in more than 350 films and has won many best actress awards. From the character of a grandmother to the character of a house maid, she performed many songs and impressed many people with laughter. Pavala Shyamala, born in a high Brahmin family in Amaravati area of ​​Guntur district, excelled in theater for 30 years. After that, he excelled as a character artist in Telugu movies and left an indelible impression on the Telugu people. Pavala Shyamala, a light in the industry, is now like before Corona…after Corona. Since three years, her condition has worsened.

After the death of Pavala Shyamala’s husband in a road accident…she used to watch her daughter with a kiss. When the daughter grew up, she used to accompany her mother to shootings. But three years ago, the daughter fell down and broke one of her legs. Iron rods were put on the legs. In this situation she stayed at home. As the daughter got older, she was saddened by the situation. He was admitted to the hospital with a sudden heart attack. Doctors said that the heart has holes. Due to lack of money for the operation, she pushed for some years with medicines. After that she was confined to her bed. At least there is no food to eat and no man to look after. Mother and daughter are passing time by staying in old age home.

Many accusations have been made against Pavala Shyam who is in such a poor condition. He complained that he did not say no to those who came to help him. It is said that Karate Kalyanigar himself did that work. Shyamala says that God is afraid of her life. They complained that the artists themselves shed tears. Pavala Shyamala said that only Chiranjeevi helped her. Ma also did not help. Shyamalamma burst into tears saying that now there is no one to look after her and her daughter. Pawala is waiting for Shyamala’s hand. He complained that he was facing accusations and insults while not being helped.

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