Pathaan : Pre-bookings of Pathaan are sizzling.. On the other hand, Boycott Pathaan.. Will Shah Rukh hit Bollywood??

Pathaan : It’s been a long time since Bollywood Bad Shah Shahrukh Khan achieved solid commercial success. However, the stardom has not diminished at all. Although it has been four years since the release of his movie, the expectations on his next movie ‘Pathan’ are sky high. Advance bookings of this movie are going on with record figures. Based on this, it is expected that the openings will be registered in a range.

Shah Rukh’s movie ‘Zero’ which came out four years ago turned out to be a disaster. After that there was no more film from Shahrukh. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next movie ‘Pathan’. The movie is going to be released in a grand way worldwide on 25th of this month. This movie is also going to be released in South languages. Due to the results of Shah Rukh’s previous films, there was a huge gap, which raised doubts about how Pathan’s openings would be. But Pathan says there are chances of 5 lakh advance bookings being registered till the release day.

Advance booking has already started in many places in the country. Advance bookings are coming for Pathan movie which is not seen for any Hindi movie till now. According to Bollywood sources, the Pathan movie is about to register a collection of 20 to 25 crore rupees with advance booking alone. If we include pre-sales and first day sales till the day before the release, it seems that ‘Pathan’ will easily touch the mark of Rs.50 crores. Fans are happy that Shah Rukh, who has seen consecutive disasters, is going to make a comeback with such a record. An action director like Siddharth Anand and the glamorous appearance of a heroine like Deepika Padukone are going to be an added advantage for this movie.

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On the one hand, the advance bookings are very good as per the Boy Kat Pathan trend on Twitter. Till now, the struggling Bollywood has not had any big collections except two or three films. If Shah Rukh makes a grand comeback with this movie and achieves huge collections and a huge hit, then he will be the Bad Shah of Bollywood. Now Bollywood circles also want the same. It has to be seen in what range this movie will please the audience with the theme of how a terrorist organization wants to destroy India.

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