Pathaan : Can you do promotions for the movie Pathaan?? Is that the reason..

Pathaan: Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie ‘Pathaan’ is going to hit the theaters in 4 days. After a gap of almost 5 years, there are huge expectations as it is the upcoming film from King Khan. Usually, when a movie is released, no matter how big the star hero is these days, promotions are done excessively. But Shahrukh and team are following a new marketing strategy for Pathan movie.

Fans of Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh are eagerly waiting for January 25. On that day, Shahrukh’s latest movie Pathan is going to be released in a grand way worldwide. But the team, which has to be busy with promotions, says no media interviews and no other promotions for the movie ‘Pathan’. From the hero Shah Rukh Khan to the villain John Abraham, the actors in this film have decided not to give any interviews regarding the film.

It is reported that this strategy is being followed to completely control the negativity and controversies coming on the film by maintaining the expectations of remaining silent rather than going into more controversies by promoting the negativity in Bollywood. Earlier, the makers did the same for Ajay Dev Gun’s ‘Drishyam 2’ and now they are also following the same as the result was good.

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If the budget of a star hero movie like Shah Rukh Khan is high, the cost of promotions is another high. But in the case of Pathan, it is reported that producers have saved up to 10 crores due to not conducting promotions. Some controversies have arisen regarding the song which was released earlier. There was a lot of negativity on the film. Whatever the movie team says before the release of the movie, it causes more controversies. Advance booking is being done in a range even if no promotions are done for the present movie. So the makers feel that there is no need for more promotions for the movie. And let’s see how the movie goes to the public without promotions and interviews. There is only hype among the people that it is only a Shah Rukh film and it is coming after a very long gap. Let’s see what kind of result this movie will give to Bollywood.


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