Pallavi Prashanth: Pallavi Prashanth released from jail

Pallavi Prashanth: Bigg Boss season 7 winner Pallavi Prashant has been released from jail. It is known that the Hyderabad police arrested him four days ago for destroying government and private properties and ignoring the instructions of the police. The Nampally court granted him bail on Friday and he came out of Chanchalguda jail at 6 pm on Saturday. After the Nampally court granted him conditional bail, Prashanth left Chanchalguda without any haste. His fans gathered at Chanchalguda Jail but he went home in his car without being seen by the media.

Prashanth, who won the Bigg Boss final that ended a few days ago, created a commotion while coming out of the Annapurna Stadium. His fans created a frenzy by inciting fans and destroying RTC buses and private properties by disobeying the instructions of the police. It is known that the police have taken Prashanth and his younger brother into custody. Both of them were in jail for four days.

It is known that Prashanth, who was released from jail on bail, has been ordered by the Nampally court to appear at the Jubilee Hills police station on the 1st and 16th of every month. It seems that another contestant who participated along with Prashanth in Bigg Boss, Bole, who is popular as a singer, tried his best to get Prashanth out. Bhole expressed joy as Prashanth was released from jail.

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