Pakistan Actress: If India is defeated, she will marry a Zimbabwean man.. Pakistani actress gave a bumper offer

Pakistan Actress : Cricket fever is catching everywhere now. But the youth are glued to TVs every day. It is known that the T20 World Cup tournament is being held in Australia. However.. this Sunday.. India has a match against the Zimbabwe team. If India wins this match which will be held as part of the T20 World Cup 2022, then it will reach the semi-finals. That’s why this match is very important for India.

That’s why.. many other teams also think to stop India from going to the semis by any means. But.. a film actress wanted India to lose. Sehar Shinwari, an actress from Pakistan who is her cousin, has also announced a bumper offer saying that if India loses, if Zimbabwe defeats India in the match to be held on Sunday, she will marry a man from Zimbabwe. This actress from Pakistan always cries over India.

I will marry Zimbabwean guy if it wins on India says Pakistani actress

Pakistan Actress : Sehar Shinwari’s tweet goes viral

So far, even once during the match between India and Bangladesh, India has tweeted that India will lose. Sehar, who has criticized Team India many times in various ways. His tweet is also going viral now. But.. not only Indian cricket fans.. All cricket fans all over the world are trolling Sehar. If so.. you will not get married for the rest of your life. Netizens are playing with him saying that you will remain a virgin. Many netizens asked him what will you do if India wins.

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