Pakeezah Vasuki: Manchu Vishnu came forward to help actress Pakeezah… with his own money to provide ‘ma’ facilities.

Film industry is like a colorful world. Like day and night, hardships and pleasures are common here. There are times when celebrities who enjoyed star status when they had opportunities, went down in poverty when there were no opportunities. Pakija alias Vasuki is an actress who has shone in the film industry. Many people still remember Pakeeja’s comedy with Brahmanandam in Mohan Babu’s Assembly Rowdy. Not only this, she also made the audience laugh with her comedy in films like Rowdy Inspector and Pedarayudu. Especially the comedy scenes in the comedy Brahma Brahmanandam and Pakeeja combination impressed the audience. But Pakeeja, who has done 150 films in Telugu and Tamil, has said on many occasions that she could not even build her own house. She is currently in poor condition. Recently this matter came to light through a channel. The Mega Family, who were ahead in helping, contacted her. For expenses of Mega Brother Nagababu Rs. Lakh was provided. After that Megastar Chiranjeevi also Rs. 2 lakhs provided financial assistance. Recently, our president Manchu Vishnu helped Pakija and showed good heart. Actress Karate Kalyani disclosed this through social media.

‘Now she needs Manchu Vishnu, who is spending her own money on our association card, seeing Pakija’s condition. Karate Kalyani posted a post saying, ‘Thank you Babu.. My words are not lost’. When Mohan Babu came to know that Pakija was in trouble, he himself spoke to her on the phone. He also promised that he is in America and will help when he comes to India. As a part of this, Manchu Vishnu has given Movie Artist Association card to Pakija with his own money. Whereas earlier our association card was Rs. It was one lakh rupees. But now it is Rs. Reduced to 90 thousand. VK Naresh reduced it to 90,000 during his presidency. Karate Kalyani said that now Manchu Vishnu will pay the 90 thousand rupees due to this association and give her a card. So that all the facilities provided by our association will be available to Pakija family.

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