Ott Releases | Sir, Writer Padmabhushan’s movies that have come to OTT.. on which platforms are they streaming?

Sir Movie | No matter how super hit a movie is in recent times, it will be available in OTT within a month. The director and producers are also making a deal with the OTT companies before the release. If the movie makes a difference… they are releasing it in OTT in two weeks with another deal. Audiences are also more interested in OTTs than theatres. When the weekend comes, many are looking for new movies that have been released. On Friday, two new movies greeted OTT lovers.

Sir 3


Although Dhanush’s films have been releasing in Telugu for many years, they have not been able to achieve huge commercial success. That dream came true with the movie Sir. Even though Thiruto got locked up with the collections, Sir has created an unstoppable market for Dhanush in Telugu. In fact, compared to Tamil, this movie has got more collections in Telugu. Directed by Venky Atluri, this movie is now in OTT. The movie will be streaming on popular OTT company Netflix from last night.


Writer Padma Bhushan:

Suhas, who became a hero with the movie Color Photo, became an unstoppable success in his first movie. The movie was released directly on OTT and the audience supported it immensely. ‘Writer Padmabhushan’ starring him released in theaters on February 3 and was a sensational success. It broke even within three days and collected more than ten crore gross in the final run. There are films like Michael and Buttabomma in competition… Family Audience voted for the writer. Meanwhile, this movie has come in OTT. Writer Padmabhushan will be streaming on popular OTT company G-5.

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