OTT | Audience’s interest is only for short stories.. OTTs are changing the route

OTT Platform ‘Umm! Two and a half hours!’ OTT viewer’s surprise on movies. ‘Who will watch eight episodes?’ The web series that have been introduced and entertained in recent times has just turned heads. It needs to be new, it needs to be new, it needs to start like this, it needs to end like that! The OTT viewer says his vote for such things. Anthology series are the way OTT operators have chosen to capture the average subscriber, which is changing faster than Forge streaming. The visual compilations that are being created with a length that is a little longer for a short film and much shorter for a feature film are creating sensations.

A daughter leaves the house. For several years, the mother knocks on the door of the daughter’s house. If there is a measurable distance between two rooms in that house.. there is an immeasurable difference between the two opinions. One is advice, the other is criticism. In the end, the two reconciled. That’s a lucky card! Director Nagesh Kukunoor has crafted this short story in such a great way that it will touch even the hardest heart. This is all about the story of ‘My Unlikely Pandemic Partner’ in ‘Modern Love Hyderabad’ anthology series! There are five more stories in this. Everything is thought provoking! Entertaining! Interesting!!

What is the benefit of giving a huge novel in the hands of those who are only interested in reading books? If you don’t have the patience to read a book for hours, you will put it down. Same, give a collection of stories. If that person’s eyes fall on a book in the evening, he will read at least one story. If he is interested, he will read another story. If it is more fun… he will read the third story and decide to read the rest of the stories some other time. From time to time he receives the collection and reads it one by one and feels that the whole book is finished. OTT owners are choosing this as the ideal formula to keep the audience engaged and increase the streaming time. The beautiful stories have been compiled into an incredible collection and released on the OTT platform.

We call it a webseries.. in which each episode is unique. One has nothing to do with the other. What is the object of the story, what is the story of the story! But, in all the stories there is an invisible aspect hidden inside. ‘Pava Kadaigal’ is an anthology series of such stories – bad stories. The Telugu dubbing version of this series made in Tamil has hooked the OTT lovers. Continued to be top rated on Netflix. ‘Aa Rathi’, set in the background of an honor killing in this series, has created awe. The other three stories in it have different backgrounds!


The organizers of OTT say that they are making anthology series because of the multifaceted benefits. Encouraging young writers and directors coming up with innovative concepts, uploading such diverse content to OTT. As the roles are less, the problem of remuneration does not arise. The length is forty minutes to less than an hour. There are no heavy settings and affairs. As a result, there will be no budget slippage. Above all these series are all theme based. The anthology series ‘Navarasa’, directed by popular director Mani Ratnam, created a big sensation before its release. Hemahemis like Surya, Aravindaswamy and Prakashraj were part of it. The series was not well received as the viewers could not understand the Navarasa theme.

Many series that came in the background of such compilation will be remembered forever by the OTT audience. One such is ‘Fairy Tales’. Netflix audience is very connected to it. Four stories created by directors Tarunbhaskar, Nandini Reddy, Nag Ashwin and Sankalp Reddy have become hits. ‘Metro Katha’ also felt aha in Aha. If we look at Hindi, all the series like ‘Kali Peeli Tales’, ‘Ajeeb Dastan’, ‘Unpassed’, ‘Ray’ were released in the anthology category and received appreciation from the audience. There is no doubt that this trend will continue with three series and six stories in the background of the popularity of these. Directness, sensitivity, fresh expression.. the life of collections. That is what the new audience wants.

Directors are opting for anthology formula in movies as well on the silver screen. Running three or four stories in parallel, showing that one has nothing to do with the other. ‘Keraf Kancharapalem’, which was released as an anonymous film and looted the box office, belongs to this category. Released in 2010 under the direction of Krish, ‘Vedham’ is also almost in the style of an anthology. ‘Chandamama Kathalu’ released in 2014, ‘Manamantha’ released in 2016 and ‘Aa’ released in 2018 are all compilations of stories. The Tamil film ‘Super Deluxe’ released in 2019 created a sensation with a similar theme.

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