Oscars Awards 2023: Big ruckus in Tollywood.. Should all the crores be spent on movie promotion to get Oscar award?

It can be said that there is a bigger debate going on in Tollywood over the spending on Oscar promotions of RRR film. Recently, Tammareddy Bharadwaj’s comments that RRR spent Rs. 80 crores on Oscar promotions and that at least 10 films can be made with that money have caused a lot of uproar in the industry. In fact, his comments are not new.. They are news coming in all media since about a month and a half ago. But this time it came from the mouth of people like Tammareddy Bharadwaja. Apart from the people who spent money for it, some film personalities and political leaders responded. If Nagababu is one of them, then director Raghavendra Rao.

Ok.. now let’s not get into that controversy.. let’s get straight to the point. If you really want to compete in the Oscar race.. to stand in that competition.. to finally win.. do you have to spend a lot? What do past experiences say? What is the truth in the fact that crores have been poured for promotion..?

Conditions for Oscar nomination..

First, for a film to compete for an Oscar nomination, the film’s producer or distributor must apply to the Oscars (Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences). There are some rules and regulations regarding foreign films. All of them are written in detail on the Academy website.

First the film needs to be released in theatres. Its length should be more than 40 minutes. There should be subtitles. In the 2023 Oscar race, films released in OTT have been given a place. Documentary feature films and documentary short films can also compete for nominations on their own.

In general, you have to fill the ‘Oscar Submission Form’ and apply by following all those rules and providing film credits.

RRR in the Oscar ring by himself..

In fact, the Film Federation of India officially sends one film from India to the Oscars every time. For 2023, FFI has sent Gujarati movie ‘Chello Show’. It means that the film ‘RRR’ has entered the Oscars on its own, not on behalf of the Indian government.

Apart from this, the films ‘Kantara’, ‘Vikrant Rona’, ‘Gangubhai’, ‘Mi Vasantarao’, ‘Rocketry’, ‘Tujya Saathi Kahi Hai’ and ‘Iravin Nilal’ have entered the ring for the 2023 Oscar Awards. However, none of these were nominated in any category. Only RRR got the nomination.

Oscars 2023

Oscars 2023

What is the cost of nomination and promotions?

Will nomination and promotions cost more than the film’s budget? How true is that?

The Academy will scrutinize the film’s application details and determine whether the film is eligible to be shortlisted for nomination. The real story starts from there. A massive campaign has to be done. Promotions cost crores. In 2016, Vetrimaran’s Tamil movie ‘Visaranai’ (Investigation) officially went to Oscar nomination from India.

Vetrimaran shared his experiences at that time in an interview. He said that sending a film to Oscar is not a trivial matter and it costs several times more than the film’s budget. “Once a film is shortlisted for an Oscar nomination, it should be pitched there (in Los Angeles) at least two months prior to the campaign. All those expenses are ours.

Above all, a good PR should be sought and held. The Oscars need a PR with a handle on foreign language films. This is very important. There are only two to three PRs of that level. They are not that easy to find. To get shortlisted, at least 15000 dollars on promotions is about 12 lakhs 24 thousand rupees in our currency, if nominated, an additional 4 lakhs 8 thousand will be spent on PR only.

Party and dinners have to be organized in Los Angeles. A lot of lobbying has to be done. Not all of them have normal costs either. Also, to get nominated, ads should be given in newspapers. Ads about our film should be given in popular magazines like ‘Variety’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. Vetrimaran had earlier said that the film Visaranai spent around 26 lakh rupees just for placing ads in two magazines. He also said that this campaign has given them some recognition.

Oscar Awards 2023

Oscar Awards 2023

Moreover, theaters should be rented and guests should be invited and entertained. Campaigning also has to be spent heavily.
It is a fact that if we look at the calculations given by Vetrimaran, the campaign of Oscar will cost crores.

According to a 2016 study conducted by the famous American film magazine Variety, the Oscar campaign will cost around Rs. 24 crore to Rs. 82 crore, at least according to the current calculations. At that time, the newspaper said that big film industry companies like Paramount, Fox and Universal will still spend heavily in this regard. According to the current estimates of the cost of small films, it is possible to spend around Rs. 24.50 lakhs to 80 crores.

In 2017, The Guardian magazine published exclusive articles on the cost of Oscars and movie promotions. In that too, she has told in detail how much will be spent in each section. In 2017, The New Yorker magazine also published special articles explaining the cost of Oscar promotions according to the then calculations. That’s what everyone said. The cost to stand in the Oscar competition ranges from 24 crores to 120 crores. Once there were only paper ads. Now the digital campaign is running on a range. What about the cost?

International respect for Telugu..

Well..let’s leave aside these expenses. Oscar.. Until yesterday, our Telugu cinema did not even dare to win that award. For that matter, Indian cinema has been shining on the Oscar stage every ten or twenty years. If the fans are celebrating that our film has reached the end of the Oscar race, then there are more criticisms that there is a fight in the middle of these calculations. In the last four to five months, we have all seen the extent to which the Triple R team has gained worldwide recognition. Rumors are already spreading that Hollywood opportunities are coming to Ram Charan. According to that, Sakshattu Cherry himself told his fans that he will enter Hollywood soon. And is this not… the respect that Telugu cinema has received on the international stage.

For that matter, why would any Oscar-winning director-producer hesitate to spend at this level? If 80 crores are invested, eight or ten films can be made… but will they go to the Oscar range… but even if they go, will the people who spend 80 crores and spend 80 crores and make a film stand in the Oscar ring..? However, in the Oscar results that will come in a few hours, will our song get an award?

Even after saying this much, it will cost so much.. this much has been spent.. so many movies can be done.. all the movies can be done… have you seen the calculations… if you want to talk about something… it’s up to you.

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