Oscar host said such a thing about RRR, created a ruckus, people said – should be ashamed

Oscars 2023: SS Rajamouli a film by RRR songs of natu natu Has created history by winning the award at the Oscars. The song has received the award in the Best Original Song category. The team of RRR was present at the award function and jumped with joy as soon as it was announced. The film won the award but there was a ruckus over the use of a word by the host. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel, who is hosting the Oscars, called SS Rajamouli’s film RRR a Bollywood film during the ceremony. It was to say that people got agitated on Twitter and started giving their reactions. Jimmy Kimmel was announcing the first category during the award ceremony, when some dancers removed him from the stage while doing RRR’s step. During this, while talking about RRR, he calls it a Bollywood film.

angry people

Many people are sharing the video of this incident on social media. On saying Bollywood, a user wrote, “Jimmy Kimmel correction – RRR is an Indian, Telugu, Tamil film and not a Bollywood film.” One wrote, “Dear Oscars team, RRR is not a Bollywood film, write it down.”

One user said, “Why are they calling it a Bollywood film when RRR is a Tollywood film. Sad that there is a lack of representation in western countries. Shame on you Academy.” One wrote, “RRR is South Indian cinema, a Telugu film. It is not a Bollywood film as some Oscar people are saying.”

Common people on Twitter have objected to RRR being called a Bollywood film today. Earlier, SS Rajamouli has also made it clear that this is not a Bollywood film but it is a film of the Telugu film industry present in the south of India.

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