Oscar 2023: Oscar broke the 62-year-old tradition.. the carpet changed color!

Oscar 2023 : At present, everyone’s attention is on the Oscar Awards ceremony, which is going to start in a few hours. Who will receive the Oscar this year? They are eagerly waiting for that. Many people in India are also showing more interest in this year’s Oscars. The reason for that is the film RRR. The song Natu Natu won the Best Original Song category at the Oscars. This song, which has thrilled the whole world, is sure to win the Oscar, as the Hollywood media also wrote the news.

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Actors and technicians from all over the world will come to this event which will be held on March 12 (IST March 13 morning 5:30 PM). While everyone is very interested to walk on the red carpet at the Oscar ceremony. They shine with special design wear to pose on the red carpet. But this year this carpet is going to change color. The red carpet turned slightly champagne colored. The academy did not reveal the exact reason for the color change.

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The red carpet tradition at the Oscars started in 1961. Since then till last year the academy has been following this tradition. But this year, breaking its 62-year-old tradition, instead of red, champagne carpet will be laid for the guests. And let’s see how the beauty of the stars are going to shine on this champagne carpet. While this program can be seen on Disney Plus Hot Star special telecast.

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