Ori, your beet tribe.. if you are a millionaire.. this is what you are doing, Babu..!!

S present same news is top trending on social media. It is everyone’s dream to build their own house. Common people also want to have a house of their own. And if the big shots are 10-15 years old, who wants to get a special design for the house they have built in a way that they never imagined. In this sequence, Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan also designed his house like Indra’s mansion.

He spent crores upon crores and invited foreign interior designers to design his house. As much as he worked hard to design the house, he also specially designed the name plate of his house outside the house. We know that Shah Rukh Khan got a name plate made for his house called Manat. It is created entirely with diamonds.Until now there is no celebrity in India who has created a name plate with such diamonds. Around 70 lakhs were spent for this name plate and the news went viral at that time.

We also keep hearing the news that fans go to Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan’s house every day just to see the name plate of these diamonds. Recently, a diamond fell down from this name plate..for that reason, he removed this name plate and attached that diamond again..again fresh and pasted it to his house.. a news in Bollywood has become final. Fans are angry with him. Moreover, if you have money, you should help the poor. With this, the present Shahrukh Khan name board has become viral on social media..!!


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