Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava: Oo Antawa Mama, Uhu Antawa on the American streets .. Baboy ‘baby’ is no ordinary fuss ..!

Not only in the Telugu states .. Pushpa (Pushpa) has now turned the whole world on her side .. The craze of this movie starring Allu Arjun has not abated yet. The release of the floral film directed by Sukumar starring Allu Arjun as the hero has rained down collections at the box office. It’s still rampant on OTT platforms. Do you remember Allu Arjun’s signature dialogue in the movie? Brought a lot of craze to the movie. On the other hand, the songs and hero mannerisms in this movie are not only for the Telugu audience .. they have also attracted many people from all over the country and abroad. From commoners to celebrities, cricketers .. it doesn’t matter if they come or not, they are entertaining by stepping on the songs in the movie Puspa. Needless to say, Samantha’s item song is so viral .. It’s a song that has been hummed by children and adults alike .. It is still buzzing in India as well as abroad. Recently, a 13-year-old girl in the US was playing the violin and making a noise in the streets of California saying, “Oo antawa, uhu antawa.” Currently this video has gone viral on social media.

Although it has been several days since the release of the movie ‘Pushpa’, the ‘Pushpa’ fever has not abated yet. In this video which is going viral recently, a foreign girl played the music related to the song ‘Srivalli’ on the violin and shocked everyone.

13-year-old violinist Carolina Protsenko, who has a subscriber base of 6 million on YouTube, surprised Allu Arjun fans and floral lovers by posting a violin version of her song ‘Srivalli’. Somewhere in California, this young woman impressed everyone by playing the song ‘Srivalli’. Our Srivalli song, which has already crossed boundaries, became even more famous with this baby violin.



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