On the sets of The Gray Man, Dhanush used to ask everyone only one question, but did not get the answer.

of the south Superstar Dhanush The directors and producers of the film along with the Russo Brothers attended the screening of their upcoming Hollywood film ‘The Gray Man’ in Mumbai on Wednesday 20 July. During this, the actor shared many funny anecdotes from his Hollywood debut. While interacting with the media on the red carpet during the screening of ‘The Gray Man’, Dhanush told how he asked the same question to every crew member on the sets of the film. In fact, Dhanush had thought that before starting the shooting of this film, he would have to identify himself with the crew members.

Dhanush asked the same question to all the team members

However, Dhanush, who showed his acting prowess in ‘The Gray Man’, was surprised when he came to know that the film’s crew knew about him. Talking about this, Dhanush said, “When I had a conversation with any team, there were a lot of Kovid-19 protocols to be followed at that time, so we talked on a Zoom call and they told me that you have to follow every The test is to be taken on Monday, then on Wednesday and then on Friday. And then I asked them how did the Rousseau Brothers know about me?”

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Dhanush further said, ‘We do not know. But the bow did not stop. He once again asked the same question in a conversation with the stunt team. Dhanush said that, when the stunt team was explaining to me that he would train me. How do I have to practice? Then I told him that I would do it exactly like this but tell me how did Rousseau come to know about me?’

Shared experience working with Russo Brothers

This cycle continued. Dhanush further said that “I myself asked this question to everyone except the Rousseau Brothers.” After listening to him, Joey Rousseau laughed and said that ‘Now you have been told.’ According to Dhanush, it was ‘very easy’ for him to work with the Russo Brothers as their ‘approach was very simple and straight to the point’. The trailer of this film is quite entertaining.

Dhanush got selected after watching the action scene

The Russo Brothers, who came to Mumbai for the screening of their film, said, “We had got some action sequences of Dhanush and I remember after watching the third sequence we thought, ‘Why don’t we do Dhanush’s action scenes like this. Ask for Upon hearing Joey, Anthony Russo said together, “Let’s do this.” Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, “The Gray Man” stars Dhanush, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Reggae-Jean Page, Wagner Maura, Julia Butters, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans are set to appear in the lead roles alongside Alfre Woodard and Billy Bob Thornton. The film will be released on Netflix on July 22.

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