Oh my god: NTR heroine suffering from a rare disease..how dangerous!!

Lately, all the star darlings in the film industry are suffering from strange diseases one after the other. He is shocking the fans by suffering from strange diseases that have never been seen before. It is known that Samantha, who has already gained popularity as a Tollywood star heroine, is suffering from a rare disease called Myositis. The fans were full of disappointment when they came to know that a star heroine like Samantha would suffer from such a terrible disease as no one expected. Samantha, who went to South Korea for the treatment of the disease, recently returned to India for the promotions of Sakunthalam movie.

Samantha protested a lot at the Shakunthalam trailer launch event and looked dull and completely sick. At the same time, another star heroine also fell ill. Mamata Mohan Das, who entered the industry as a singer, acted in many movies in her own style and got tagged as a good heroine. Mamata Mohan Das, who is associated with star heroes like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, NTR, successfully faced cancer.

Recently she said that she is suffering from another rare disease. Mamata Mohan Das shared on Instagram that she is suffering from Vitiligo, an auto union disaster. “Dear Sun.. I wake up earlier so that your rays fall on me before you.. Give me as much as you can.. I am forever indebted to you,” she wrote. While vitiligo is known to be a disease similar to vitiligo, the main symptom of which is loss of skin color.

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