Oh My God-2 Movie | Akshay Kumar’s O My God-2 movie directly into OTT.. Is that the reason?

Oh My God-2 Movie Direct Ott Release | Akshay Kumar is one of the top heroes of Bollywood. He entertains the audience by releasing three to four films a year which is not possible for any hero in the industry. But recently Akshay Kumar is not getting the expected level of films. Akshay, who was in super form with a series of hits before covid, became completely dull after covid. After Corona, 9 movies in which he acted were released. Two of them were released directly in OTT. Out of the remaining seven, only one was a commercial hit. All the rest were disasters. With that, his graph fell a lot.

Selfie, which was recently released amid many expectations, left Akshay deeply disappointed. It is known that he is planning to release his next film directly in OTT. Akshay is currently playing the lead role in the movie Oh My God-2. This movie is a remake of O My God, which created a sensation at the Bollywood box office ten years ago. It is known that Akshay Kumar, who had planned to release this film in theaters from earlier, chose the OTT route due to the results of his previous films. An official announcement is yet to come.

Pankaj Tripathi is playing a pivotal role in this movie directed by Amit Roy. Akshay, who performed as Krishna in the first part, will be seen as Shiva in the second part. The posters released by the film team have already created good interest in the film. It is reported that this movie is going to be streamed on Jio or Woot platforms.

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