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OG | Tollywood star hero Pawan Kalyan is one of the crazy projects (OG). Saaho fame Sujith is directing. The glimpses that have already been released from this movie, which is currently in the shooting stage, are reaping nettinta views.. and it is standing as the talk of the industry. Shaking nettinti. Cinematographer Ravi K Chandran informed that the S Thaman team from the OG of HUNGRYCHEETAH is going to provide an exciting update.

Ravi K Chandran’s selfie with Thaman is now going viral. Pawan Kalyan is seen in Oji as a warrior on the one hand, and on the other hand in a stylish avatar, filling the fans with enthusiasm. Priyanka Arul Mohan of Ozzy gang leader fame is playing the female lead role. Ravi K Chandran is the cinematographer for Oji, while AS Prakash is the production designer. It is known that the key scenes in Oji have already been completed in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad schedules.

Ustaad Bhagat Singh directed by Harish Shankar is also in the shooting stage. The already released Ustad Bhagat Singh first glimpse video is trending on the net. Pawan Kalyan is also acting in Hariharaveeramallu directed by Krrish.

Oji Teaser..

Ozzy Glimpses..




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