OG Movie | Ozzy movie story leaked.. Poonakale for Pawan Kalyan fans..!

OG Movie | If the very hungry people get a packet of biryani, they will be happy in what range.. Pawan’s fans are now enjoying more than that. Sujeeth put a jumbo size pack of dham biryani saying ‘Oji’ to the fans who have lost their tongues after eating veg meals with remakes. Pawan really satisfied the hunger of the fans by saying, “Do you see a hungry tiger?” Never seen so much discussion about a teaser in recent times. Ozzy’s teaser, which was released four days ago, created a lot of sensation. Oji’s teaser has made it clear that if a straight film comes from Pawan Kalyan, the response will be in what range.

Leaving aside the question of when it will be released, it has been confirmed that it is sure to hit the box office when it is released. Sujeeth is going to show what a real fan boy is all about. Meanwhile, the story line related to this movie has been written on the official website of ‘IMDB’. A tourist boy named Ojas Gambhira accidentally comes to Bombay and becomes a gangster there. He becomes king of crime and mafia. He loses his family in that journey. With that he tightens his waist to kill those who destroyed his family. He not only kills but collapses the empire of those villains. The famous popular movie website ‘IMDB’ has written saying that he destroys all the illegal activities they do with his bare fingers.

I don’t know what the truth is in this story, but now this story is going viral. If this is true then we have already heard this story many times. We saw Let’s see what kind of magic Sujeeth will do with such a regular story. Usually the screenplay of Sujeeth’s movies is in a range. Even if there is no novelty in the story.. the addictive screenplay will fool the audience. Let’s see if Maya does any such trick in this too. But this is not to say that this is the story. Because usually IMDM posts the data collected from many movie analysts.


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