NTR’s wrong step… Missed two super hit movies…!

Naturally, if NTR agrees to any film… he has less mentality to leave it. Whatever he did, he did it with his heart. However, he left some films in his career. There is a reason for this.. There are also instances where he has left some films. Akkineni starrer “Bhakta Tukaram” is in the queue. Similarly, Annagaru also released the movie Manavudu-Danavudu starring Shobhanbabu.

Actually, the offer of this film came to Annagari. Producer and director also made this movie for Annagari. However, he said that he will think about it after telling the story to his brother. At that time, he had an idea whether such a mass film would be acceptable to the public in the aggressive background of him in the guise of Krishna and Ram. Annagaru thought about it for a day or two.. unexpectedly left it.

Later this film offer went to Shobhan Babu. It can be said that the film was designed to focus on Annagari due to the presence of senior artistes in the film. Many people have said the same thing. But, Annagaru thought that this movie will not go big. Not only that. Do people like such films? They also doubted that. At such a time, this movie shot by Shobhan Babu became a super duper hit.

Knowing this.. Although he thought that he had been missed at first.. Sobhanbabu was just a young hero.. Annagaru personally called him and congratulated him. There is an argument that these small mistakes made by Annagaru on some occasions kept him away from some super hit movies.

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