NTR – Ram Charan: Which of the two is a global star..? To be relieved.! Video.

Which of the two eyes is better? If we want something in both hands, what do we want? Can we actually say a major organ in our body that we do not need? This too..! Even if they are not in sync.. Cherry and Tarak both..! Both are global stars..! In Tollywood where star heroes feel like demi gods.. like alternates to Gods.. fans always feel that their hero is great. Another hero keeps arguing with fans. They get excited on social media and make their hero trend. Along with that.. polls are also run as if any hero is great. Recently, Mega and Nandamuri fans are running a poll on Tarak and Cherry. Triple R has earned a world wide name.. After winning an Oscar award.. Now they are running a hashtag saying that their star is a global star. They are running an opinion poll with the photos of both of them saying who is the global star. Who is the global star wants to be revealed now. However, some netizens who have noticed all this are reacting logically. Both are Tollywood stars. Both are talented and charming heroes. Both are like two eyes of triple R movie. Both are trying to please the fans who call them global stars.

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