NTR – Lakshmi Pranathi before the marriage was such a story…!

Tollywood Young Tiger Junior NTR became a pan India star with Triple R movie. Now that NTR’s movie is coming, there is immense interest among movie fans all over the country. In this movie, NTR showed his universal acting as Komaram Bheem. When it comes to that, NTR got unstoppable stardom at the age of just 21 years. NTR’s inclusiveness.

It is known that NTR married his niece Lakshmi Pranathi. They got married in 2011. NTR married the daughter of Chandrababu Naidu’s niece. That means Lakshmi Pranathi will be the elder daughter of NTR. The couple has two sons named Bhargav Ram and Abhay Ram. NTR is leading the family very happily.

Lakshmi is Pranathi’s husband Chatu’s wife. The wives of NTR’s fellow heroes are creating a lot of fuss on social media. But Lakshmi is completely away from these. Before the marriage of NTR and Lakshmi, there was a lot of talk. NTR himself said this in an interview. Even though NTR asked shocking questions during the marriage ceremony, Pranathi did not look at NTR at all.

After that, even when we talk, is this marriage a good idea? Even then, if asked, he did not answer. And there was a gap of 8 months between engagement and marriage. Even in this gap, NTR used to ask Lakshmi Pranathi many questions and try to confuse her. Even then Lakshmi would only say no without answering.

At that time, NTR did not understand that he could not know what was in the minds of the wild people. NTR said that he who knows what is in women’s mind will rule the world. Lakshmi Pranathi, who used to be very shy, is now attending small parties.

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