Not wedding photos

In these days of social media frenzy, fake news spreads within minutes. It is not known whether the news is true or not until the people related to the news give an explanation. This problem is too much for celebrities. photo made the heroine Amrita Iyer the daughter of the bride. Amrita Iyer starrer ‘Vanakkam Da Mapli’ was seen in the wedding scene. Recently, those photos went viral on social media and rumors spread that she got married. Amrita Iyer responded to this. ‘This is not my wedding photo, it’s a movie still’, she said through Instagram. Amrita Iyer has gained recognition as a heroine in Tamil and Telugu film industries. Vijay’s Tamil movie ‘Bigil’ was released as ‘Whistle’ in Telugu. Amrita’s performance as a woman football player in this film is impressive. It was after this movie that her opportunities in Telugu increased. Films like ‘How to Love in 30 Days’, ‘Red’ and ‘Arjuna Phalguna’ brought her fame here. Currently she is acting in the film ‘Hanu-Man’ opposite Teja Sajja.

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