Not Vamsi’s morals… change your rod taking, rodda kottadu story…!

Tollywood young director Vamsi Paidipalli’s Varasudu movie with Kollywood star hero Vijay has been released. Between Vamsi and Dil Raju, there is a peach kinship. So he is making films in that compound. Putting all that aside, the satires that the Varasudu movie is like a TV series are coming. Vamsi’s anger seems to have come to him all at once on these criticisms.

Just by seeing the original trailer, it was thought that he has shot four or five scenes of Telugu movies. Even after the release of the movie Tira, it felt the same. This movie is a bit new for the people of Tamilnadu but Telugu audience have seen many such movies. In this sequence, Vijay said in a Tamil interview that he got fired for comparing his film with a serial.

He said that they work very hard for a film.. He questioned how correct it is to criticize their film as a serial. Criticism is coming again after Vamsi said that it is not correct to criticize a film. They are playing with Vamsi saying that Vamsi is not the only one who has to struggle for the film.. that thousands of people will have to struggle in it.. that they have worked hard.

Some netizens though, I went to the hotel and gave an Idni order. Will he question him if he gives spoiled chutney? If we pay hundreds of rupees and come to the theatre, is it not your responsibility to provide a quality product? They are asking. Actually, Vamsi’s class is not enough for the trollers… If you watch the movies made by Vamsi, the cine channels keep making satires saying that it is a routine rod rambola.

Munna is a big rod… Vrindavanam story is not of Vamsi. No one needs to say how bad the movie is. Somehow Mahesh One’s movie flopped, so who played it? Opiri can try something new… Maharshi’s film played on Mahesh’s image rather than its story and shooting. Vamsi’s style is to take something new no matter how old it is. That matter is known to industry people.. Telugu movie fans.

And at that time there are words of Vamsi that he took something new than the rest of the directors. To tell the truth, the successor was not liked by the Tamil people. Along with Vijay’s fanbase, Ajith is watching Tunivu’s flop. Is it not right to leave all these and come down to Vamsi counters?

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