Not Balayya..NTR hit..did this also happen..?

The world famous actor Sarvabhaumu NTR.. has left many films and given a chance to very young heroes. However.. in the matter of a movie.. if his son Nandamuri Balayya gets a chance.. he will put him aside and act as a hero in the movie himself. Although this is a bit of an image, it is true! NTR said no to act with Balakrishna in a super hit movie. So what is that picture? Why do you say that? Say.. let’s see..

‘Yamagola’ which came in 1977 with NTR as the protagonist was a great success. The dialogues written by DV Narasaraju for the film impressed the people. The songs are also awesome. Allu, Raogopala Rao and Satyanarayan’s Action Goose Bumps!! And while writing the script, Narasaraja got an idea about the main characters. Balakrishna impressed the audience as Abhimanyu in ‘Dana Veera Sura Karna’ which was released in the same year.

Keeping that in mind, Narasaraju felt that if Balakrishna was cast as the protagonist in ‘Yamagola’ and the role of Yamudi was played with NTR, the combination of father and son would be great. He shared that with famous photographer S. Venkataratnam, the producer of ‘Yamagola’ and asked NTR. NTR said that the story is OK, but he expressed objection regarding the combination of father and son.

“At present we are limiting Balayya to his own films keeping in mind his studies. I don’t think about the pictures outside. With this, NTR got the hero’s role which should have gone to Balayya. If NTR had agreed, the audience would have got a chance to see Annagari in the role of Yamudi, a wonderful combination of Balayya as the hero.

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