North vs South Debate: ‘Jersey’ actor Nani called the linguistic controversy ‘inane’, said – languages ​​may be different, but the country is one…

‘Jersey’ actor Nani (Superstar Nani) has broken his silence on the ongoing controversy over language in the country. For the last few weeks, discussions are going on in Indian cinema regarding North Vs South. This discussion started when South films like KGF 2 and RRR beat Bollywood films at the box office. Many film stars like Ajay Devgan, Sudip Kichha gave their opinion about calling Hindi as the national language. Now in the meantime, Superstar Nani has spoken on this matter. Nani says that dividing people through language is very absurd.

Know what the actor Nani said on the Hindi language controversy?

During a conversation with PTI, Nani said that this division is very absurd. Whatever is happening right now, cinema is winning over it. We name ourselves Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood. These names are such, which have been taken from Hollywood. I don’t understand why we call ourselves from different industries. Languages ​​may be different, but we are one nation.

Along with this, Nani also talked about giving the status of Pan India Films to the films. Nani told what is the real meaning of Pan India Films. Nani said that if a film is very spectacular and it leaves a different mark across India, then it is a Pan India film. This name is not because we release the film everywhere. The film which is liked by the audience everywhere, is a pan India film in the real sense. We should focus on making great films for the time being, so that audiences across the country like them.

Let us tell you that for a long time there is a dispute about whether the language of the country should be Hindu. South actor Kicha Sudeep had said one thing about Hindi on one of his invites, which caused a lot of controversy. After this, while replying to Kicha Sudeep, Ajay Devgan had said that if there is so much trouble with Hindi then why do you people release your films in Hindi. After this, there was a lot of debate between the two on Twitter. After this Twitter war of Ajay and Kicha, the actors of South and North were seen divided. Everyone had openly expressed their views on this issue.

For the time being, if we talk about Nani’s workfront, then his film Antey Sundarniki has knocked in theaters only on June 11. Apart from Nani, Nazriya Nazim is also in an important role in this film directed by Vivek Athraiya. The audience is very much liking this film. Recently a party was also organized in Hyderabad regarding the success of this film.

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