Niharika Konidela: Niharika who is joining the mega family’s reputation in Ganga.. She shocked when she appeared there.. Mega fans are also upset..!

Niharika Konidela: All the heroes from the mega family are protecting the image of that family at all costs, but the ladies from the same family are doing the opposite. Everyone knows the fuss about the marriage of Chiranjeevi’s two daughters. Little daughter Sreeja got married twice and there were reports that she will stay away from her second husband as well. Along with them, Mega Brother Nagababu’s daughter Niharika is also exciting in a range.

A married woman crosses her limits. While Amahya was in the news about a pub, Niharika was also in the news for drugs. And the latest show that Niharika is doing in Vihara Yatra has become a hot topic once again. Niharika who went on vacation with her friends will shock the audience with her hot photos. Niharika leaving her husband Chaitanya and going on vacations like this alone disturbs even the mega fans. If she doesn’t like going somewhere, she shares her hot stills on her social media again and again, which hurts her fans.

Niharika Konidela vacation photos upset mega fans

It doesn’t mean that Pony goes and enjoys with her husband.. But what is happening in Niharika’s case, but if the daughters of other star heroes are maintaining secrecy in these matters, Niharika is saying that everything is public. Niharika’s jolly trip photos have now gone viral on social media. Niharika, who acted in films till recently, is determined to continue as a producer after marriage. But even if she did not act as a heroine, she still wanted to look glamorous in Niharika. That’s why Ammadu enjoys vacations like this.

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